Why Does My Candle Look Frosted?

Simply put, it’s a soy thing!

The frosted look in 100% soy candles is very common.  Frosting, also referred to as snowflakes or starbursts, has no effect on the burn quality of your candle and is more noticeable in colored candles.  Since this is a natural characteristic of 100% natural soy candles, you know if your candle has this look that it is not a soy blend or paraffin wax.  Since our soy candles are all natural and Eco-friendly, there are no chemicals or preservatives added which could prevent frosting.  Despite our attempts to minimize the appearance of frosting during the candle creation process, it is almost impossible to have a 100% soy wax candle without frosting.  It is also common for frosting to occur when there are noticeable temperature changes in the environment.  For example, your candle going from a hot delivery truck to an air-conditioned home could result in changes to your candle.  No worries though! Enjoy your candles and display them with pride knowing they are a 100% all natural product.

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